Title: We could be a whole parade by belmanoir
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Kowalski/Vecchio
Categories: pre-slash, friendship, post-canon
Length: ~8,000 words
Warnings: Fraser isn't portrayed in the best light (then again, it's pretty much the way he is in canon, so YMMV)

Ray comes back from Canada, licking his wounds, and runs into Frannie at a ballroom dancing class.

Despite the pairing, this fic is mostly about Ray K. and Frannie's growing friendship. I love these two so much together -- they're both a little broken and both often underestimated and they make a fantastic platonic couple. Mix in some closure on the whole Stella issues, as well as a lovely understated romance between the two Rays, and you have one of the best Due South fics I've read in years. Just lovely.

We could be a whole parade
Last one for today (probably).

Title: Lucky in Love by belmanoir
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/Vecchio/Kowalski
Categories: AU, harlequin, fluff, casefile, angst
Length: ~26,000 words
Warnings: n/a

While undercover, a drunk Ray Kowalski bets his partner, Ray Vecchio, in a game of poker. And loses. Fortunately he was playing a Canadian. AU in which Fraser hasn't met the Rays yet.

I love so much about this fic, from the fact that the focal point in the love triangle is Vecchio to the way belmanoir neatly ties in bits of canon with her AU. What I love most of all, however, is the fact that she opted for first season Fraser: aggressive, practical, and highly competent, while still being idealistic. He's my absolute favorite Fraser and doesn't show up that often in fic, so seeing him in this fic made my day. Mix in some smut, some jealousy, and a whole lot of miscommunication, and you have a fabulous Harlequin fic.

Lucky in Love

Epilogue: All I want to do is see more
Title: Magnetic by Aria
Fandom: Due South
Pairing: Fraser/Kowalski/Vecchio
Categories: post-canon, angst, casefile
Length: ~20,700 words
Warnings: police procedure as accurate as in canon (which is to say, not accurate at all)

After the adventure, Kowalski comes back to Chicago with the understanding that Fraser will be following as soon as he can arrange a transfer back to the Consulate. Only when Kowalski arrives, he finds that Vecchio is back as well.

I understand that there are a lot of Due South threesome fics where both Vecchio and Kowalski are focused on Fraser (though I have to admit I haven't found many of those stories myself). This fic is rather unique in that it *seems* like the Rays are focused on Fraser, but the real issue is that the Rays are focused on each other and *want* to be focused on Fraser. It's an interesting dynamic that causes lots of issues until everyone finally gets their ass in gear and *talks* to each other. Add to that some good writing with a few absolutely great lines as well as two very distinct Rays and you have a solid, satisfying FKV fic.



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