Title: Jeeves and the Lessons on Love by triedunture
Fandom: Jeeves and Wooster
Pairing: Jeeves/Wooster
Categories: angst, angst, angst, and more angst.  Virgin with a capital V.  Favorite.
Length: 24,600 words
Warnings: Jeeves is very much In Character (i.e., at times he can be a jerk)

After getting mocked by the Drones for his complete and utter lack of any sort of sexual knowledge, Bertie informs Jeeves that he's thinking of getting educated in a brothel. Jeeves has an alternate solution.

I have no less than six Jeeves and Wooster fics in my favorites folder and of them all this one is the one I reread the most often. It's shamelessly angsty and just a touch melodramatic, with both Jeeves and Bertie getting their own share of suffering. At the same time, all of that emotional hurt makes the payoff at the end enormously potent. Not for anyone looking for the usual J&W fluff, but perfect if you're in the mood for a hard-fought, emotionally charged, deeply satisfying story.

Jeeves and the Lessons on Love
Title: Jeeves and the Literary Gifts by triedunture
Fandom: Jeeves and Wooster
Pairing: Bertie/Jeeves
Categories: angst
Length: 13,000 words
Warnings: n/a

Jeeves stumbles across a bit of Victorian slash and becomes obsessed with finding the author. Hm. Who do we know in the J&W universe who is a writer?

I'll warn you in advance that this fic has a slightly bittersweet ending; technically it's happy, but the last scene is emotional and a bit painful and that's the feeling I took away from the story. At the same time, that's the reason why I'm reccing this fic: as much as I like the happy-go-lucky world of Bertie Wooster, I also enjoy stories that acknowledge the challenges for gay men (and women) of that time period. The end result is a fic that is a bit more intense than most J&W stories, and that's what makes it so satisfying.

Jeeves and the Literary Gifts (pt. 1) (pt. 2)


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