Title: Point of a Pistol by Giddygeek
Fandom: Person of Interest
Pairing: John/Harold
Categories: drama, action, case file
Length: ~25,000 words
Warnings: n/a

Root comes after Harold again and this time John's not taking it lying down.

Branching off of canon sometime during early season 2, this is a fun cat-and-mouse game between John and Root, with Harold providing technical support and enough trust issues to sink a boat. I really loved getting to see John being the clever one for once, and the developing relationship between John and Harold provides a nice focal point around which the action centers. An enjoyable story that (aside from the gay romance) could be an episode of the show and a perfect read for anyone in the mood for a Person of Interest style case file fic.

Point of a Pistol
(So this is kind of embarrassing: I managed to completely forget that Jane's Recs had a mirror at DW. *facepalm* On the plus side, this means two recs in a row!)

Title: If You Give a Reese a Reason by zihna
Fandom: Person of Interest
Pairing: Reese/Carter
Categories: fluff
Length: 1,100 words
Warnings: n/a

Five times Reese and Carter were domestic, in their own weird, screwed-up way.

This rec breaks nearly all of my rules of reccing: it's extremely short, it's a five-times story, and it's an insta-rec (which I try very hard to avoid, as I often find myself feeling reccer's remorse). But at the same time, it's Reese/Carter which is nearly non-existent (thus far! I have hopes for the future) and it's fluffy and wonderfully in character and I just love Reese and Carter so much in this fic that I'm having to physically restrain myself from squeeing.

If you're a fan of Person of Interest, I'd rec this fic, even if you don't ship these two. Except for the very last scene it could easily pass for friendship fic and it honestly is so very adorably snarky that it's impossible not to smile.

If You Give a Reese a Reason


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