Title: Darkness, Flooded in Light by galaxysoup
Fandom: Thor
Pairing: gen
Categories: friendship, family, fix-it, angst, humor, hurt/comfort
Length: 42,000+ words
Warnings: n/a

Loki falls from the Bifrost down to a small town on Earth. Redemption, self-discovery, and friendship ensues.

I find that there are two types of stories that rely heavily on OCs - those that completely suck and those that are incredibly awesome. Fortunately this fic is one of the latter, with Loki landing in a town full of richly drawn, realistic, and wonderfully entertaining OCs. They are the framework that makes this story possible, giving Loki the space he needs to realistically grow from the erratic, sorta evil villain of Thor into an interesting, fully three-denominational person. I do wish more time had been spent on Loki's inevitable meeting with Thor (actually, the ending as a whole feels abrupt) but that is a minor quibble next to my overwhelming love of his new town, his new friends, and the brilliant backstory that not only makes this story shine, but which puts a fascinating new spin on canon.

For anyone who enjoys small town stories and/or found family fics, this is definitely the story for you.

Darkness, Flooded in Light
Title: Time to Grow by zarah5
Fandom: X-Men: First Class
Pairing: Charles/Erik
Categories: fix-it, angst, post-canon, friendship
Length: 21,000 words
Warnings: An overabundance of commas, many with dubious grammatical correctness.

With two small changes during Charles and Erik's fight on the beach, the course of history can be changed.

From what I've seen, the X-Men: First Class fandom is going to be dominated by fix-it fics, which totally makes my day as I wasn't happy with the ending either (no matter how pre-ordained it might have been). This fic is the best of the ones I've read so far, with solid characterizations and a firm grasp of real life history and genetics that give the story an impressive amount of depth and weight. Full of shades of grey and tough decisions, but with a happy (or at least hopeful ending), Time to Grow should appeal to any fan of X-Men: First Class.

Time to Grow


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