Title: On Feathers and Bacon Sandwiches by Kryptaria
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Pairing: Sherlock/John (asexually)
Categories: creature!fic, AU, supernatural, fluff, humor
Length: ~21,000 words
Warnings: n/a

John's a demon. And compared to Hell, Sherlock Holmes wasn't really all that bad.

This is probably the fluffiest fic featuring a demon that I've ever read. I do have to admit that demon!John sounds a little more like Sherlock than actual!John, but the writing is good enough and the internal dialogue entertaining enough that I don't mind. Mix in some wing!porn (without sex) and a delightful subplot involving ducks, and you have a lovely story to while away an afternoon.

On Feathers and Bacon Sandwiches
Title: Night by Irena K
Fandom: Trigun (with a cameo from the Buffy 'verse)
Pairing: gen
Categories: action, drama, supernatural
Length: 21,000 words
Warnings: n/a

Vash, Meryl, and Millie discover vampires. It doesn't go well.

This is the first Trigun fic I've ever recced and I'm delighted to say that it's one that would have fit right in with the actual anime (aside from, you know, the vampires). I'm most impressed by the characterization: anime characters are always tough to write, because they're usually canonically larger than life and while that works well in visual media, it doesn't always translate well into prose. Irena does a brilliant job of staying true to the characters and their relationships while keeping their actions realistic. She also does a phenomenal job of using the world of the desert planet and Plants to make a layered, interesting plot that does an excellent job of blending action with emotion.

Fun and full of action and suspense, Night is a very enjoyable Trigun fic.

Title: The Most Dangerous Thing by Gehayi
Fandom: Dresden Files
Pairing: Harry/Marcone
Categories: action, angst, supernatural
Length: ~27,700 words
Warnings: n/a

With all of the crap going on in his life, Harry finds himself seeking a quiet place to unwind. As it happens, Marcone picks the same place (for different reasons) and the two become friends. Just when Harry starts to think that maybe that friendship is turning into something more, another Big Bad enters the picture, this time from the least expected direction.

The first time I read this fic I was a bit biased against it because I hated the choice of villain. On the reread, however, I found this fic to be a very solid casefile, with good characterizations (especially Bob, who is hysterical), plenty of cameos from most people in the Dresden universe (Ivy!), scads of introspective epiphanies by Harry, and just enough relationship drama to add a bit of spice. A well-written fic with a bit of mystery and some great characterizations.

The Most Dangerous Thing


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