Title: Lord of the Tansy Cakes by thesexbots
Fandom: A Knight's Tale
Pairing: Chaucer/Wat
Categories: humor, smut, crack
Length: ~3,000 words
Warnings: n/a

Chaucer, Wat, and Roland undertake a challenge of gastrointestinal fortitude to win the right to be Will's best man. Somehow, this leads to smut.

This fic is as light and lively as a tansy cake. (For the record, I have no idea what a tansy cake is.) As cracky as the movie and just as much fun, this is an entertaining morsel for anyone needing a smile.

Lord of the Tansy Cakes
I'm heading out of town and may not have internet access. Thus, as an early Christmas present, I'm posting all of my remaining recs at once. Enjoy!

Title: Big Damn Zombies, Sir by shrift
Fandom: Firefly
Pairing: gen
Categories: humor, crack, favorite
Length: ~3,500 words
Warnings: n/a

Jayne gets turned into a zombie. Hilarity ensues.

Sometimes you just want something that makes you smile and nothing is quite as smile-inducing as Jayne lumbering about the ship, gnawing on people's heads and plaintively asking for brains. Characterization is spot-on all around and as a special treat, you get a little Zombie!Jayne ditty at the end. Enjoy!

Big Damn Zombies, Sir
Title: The Team Player by Cori Lannam
Fandom: Sports Night
Pairing: Kim/Sheer Awesomeness (there's some secondary pairings, but they really don't matter)
Categories: humor
Length: ~3,500 words
Warnings: n/a

The epic tale of how Kim saved Sports Night single-handedly through her mad guerrilla PR skills.

I'll be honest: I don't even remember the actual canon!Kim from Sports Night. Maybe she was awesome, maybe she wasn't. However, fanfic!Kim is unequivocally badass and she's never more badass than she is in this fic, in which she pulls in every favor she has to save Sports Night from cancellation. Every time I read this story, I find myself grinning madly with vicarious glee. Go Sports Night!

The Team Player
Title: Pterosaurs for All by tuesday
Fandom: Eureka
Pairing: gen
Categories: humor, crack
Length: ~2,700 words
Warnings: um... wholesale dino carnage?

For spring break, Zoe comes back home to Eureka. In retrospect, that might have been a mistake.

This one is just plain fun, from Jenna and S.A.R.A.H.'s cookie conspiracy, to Jo's weapons arsenal, to the baby pterosaurs that adopt Zoe. Ideal for anyone who misses the wackiness of Eureka, or is just in the mood to smile.

Pterosaurs for All
Title: Precession by Spatz
Fandom: Life
Pairing: Charlie Crews/Dani Reese (pre-het)
Categories: post-canon
Length: ~3,000 words
Warnings: I have no idea if this story is AU or not (Tidwell ruined the show for me and I never did make it to the end)

Charlie's on suspension and keeps calling Dani at work to bug her.

The dialogue in this story is amazing! Crews and Reese are such distinct and unique characters that it sometimes can be a challenge to write their dialogue in such a way that it rings true, but Spatz handles it brilliantly. It's been years since I've watched the show and I can still hear the characters' voices in my head when reading this story; that's a rare feat for me. A small but delicious treat for fans of Life.

Title: A Disney Prince Consort by Mithrigil
Fandom: Tangled
Pairing: Flynn Rider/Rapunzel (but basically gen)
Categories: fluff, humor, family, post-canon, tiny bit of kid!fic
Length: ~1,300 words
Warnings: n/a

From the author: "In which Eugene Fitzherbert deftly and graciously contends with such highfaluting concepts as cognatic primogeniture, morganatic marriage, inter-state relations, and a spunky brunette wife who somehow knows how to manage everything including him."

I once enjoyed a very long e-mail exchange with lothy about all of those bits of royalty trivia that people who live in countries without royalty just don't understand. This story reminds me about this e-mail in all the best ways. Eugene's voice is spot-on and hysterical when he's panicking, Rapunzel kicks ass even when she is panicking, and Max never panics, but Rapunzel might have a point about the head of the navy being a horse.

Fun, fluffy, and wonderfully lighthearted, this is the perfect tidbit to brighten those winter blues.

A Disney Prince Consort
(So this is kind of embarrassing: I managed to completely forget that Jane's Recs had a mirror at DW. *facepalm* On the plus side, this means two recs in a row!)

Title: If You Give a Reese a Reason by zihna
Fandom: Person of Interest
Pairing: Reese/Carter
Categories: fluff
Length: 1,100 words
Warnings: n/a

Five times Reese and Carter were domestic, in their own weird, screwed-up way.

This rec breaks nearly all of my rules of reccing: it's extremely short, it's a five-times story, and it's an insta-rec (which I try very hard to avoid, as I often find myself feeling reccer's remorse). But at the same time, it's Reese/Carter which is nearly non-existent (thus far! I have hopes for the future) and it's fluffy and wonderfully in character and I just love Reese and Carter so much in this fic that I'm having to physically restrain myself from squeeing.

If you're a fan of Person of Interest, I'd rec this fic, even if you don't ship these two. Except for the very last scene it could easily pass for friendship fic and it honestly is so very adorably snarky that it's impossible not to smile.

If You Give a Reese a Reason
Title: Home Brew by grenegome
Fandom: Dresden Files
Pairing: Dresden/Marcone
Categories: fluff
Length: 3,000 words
Warnings: n/a

While on "vacation" (read: while Hendricks is on vacation), John heads over to Harry's house to kill some time. After some non-specified sexy shenanigans, the boys settle down to dabble in potion brewing. Fluff ensues.

Normally I don't rec fic this short, but I have a real soft spot for in-character Dresden Files stories, especially stories that do a good job of selling the Dresden/Marcone pairing. This author does a brilliant job with both the characters and the relationship, communicating all sorts of nuances in her dialogue, with banter and innuendo and humor (with a bonus cameo of Bob being awesome). Guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Home Brew
Title: Reversal of Fortune by shayheyred
Fandom: Gorgeous Carat
Pairing: Ray/Florian or gen, depending on how much weight you place on innuendo)
Categories: post-canon (I think), angst, drama
Length: ~2,900 words
Warnings: n/a

After Ray gets exposed as Noir, he is publicly lashed and left to live or die with nothing to his name. That's how Florian finds him.

I have to confess something: if this fic were in a large fandom, it probably wouldn't have gotten recced. Not because it isn't great (it is), but because it feels more like the first chapter of a wonderfully epic character study that I really wish had been written and which I really want to read.

That said, what better compliment can I pay to a story but that I wish it were a lot longer? Ray and Florian are beautifully in character, which is impressive considering how different their places in the world are from canon, and the writing and dialogue are both tone perfect and enjoyable to read. Good Gorgeous Carat fic is hard to find, and fic where Ray and Florian exchange the master/slave dynamic is nearly non-existent, which makes this a must-read for any fan of the fandom or of really well-written reversal of fortune fics. A fun, very enjoyable story.

Reversal of Fortune
Title: The Day Is Saved by miss_pryss
Fandom: Die Hard 4 (Live Free or Die Hard)
Pairing: gen
Categories: humor, post-canon
Length: 2,760 words
Warnings: n/a

John, Lucy, and Matt keep trying to have a day off, but bad shit *just keeps happening*. And it is hysterical.

The vast majority of the DH4 fic I've read is John/Matt and kind of angsty, which is why this story is such a breath of fresh air. The various misadventures of the McClanes and Farrell are kind of ridiculous (but no more ridiculous than actual canon) and at the same time awesome, as all three of the people in question are more than equipped to kick ass. Even if that ass happens to belong to a rogue Santa. Funny and very fun.

The Day Is Saved
Title: Bad Porn and Back Rubs by ellenscult
Fandom: Chuck
Pairing: Chuck/Casey
Categories: drama, smut
Length: 5,000 words
Warnings: n/a

While on the run from the government after season 1 (?), Chuck and Casey find themselves in an endless series of hotel rooms with nothing for entertainment aside from bad porn. What happens next probably isn't much of a surprise.

This is an enjoyable, non-demanding, fun read, with Casey gruff but rather nice underneath and Chuck his usual flustered self. Ideal if you're in the mood for a light story spiced with smut.

Bad Porn and Back Rubs
Title: Making the Man by kalliopea
Fandom: Alice (2009)
Pairing: Alice/Hatter
Categories: fluff, established relationship
Length: 3,354 words
Warnings: n/a

Remember how subdued Hatter's hair and clothes were in the last scene of the mini-series? Alice noticed, too.

This slice-of-life fic is a lovely coda to the mini-series as Alice tries to figure out why Hatter's hair is suddenly so flat and his clothes suddenly so pedestrian. Sweet and very fluffy.

Making the Man


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