Title: Pterosaurs for All by tuesday
Fandom: Eureka
Pairing: gen
Categories: humor, crack
Length: ~2,700 words
Warnings: um... wholesale dino carnage?

For spring break, Zoe comes back home to Eureka. In retrospect, that might have been a mistake.

This one is just plain fun, from Jenna and S.A.R.A.H.'s cookie conspiracy, to Jo's weapons arsenal, to the baby pterosaurs that adopt Zoe. Ideal for anyone who misses the wackiness of Eureka, or is just in the mood to smile.

Pterosaurs for All
Title: Beauty by Elizabeth Culmer
Fandom: Fairy Tales
Pairing: Grace/Ricky
Categories: romance, friendship, family
Length: ~11,500 words
Warnings: n/a

From the author: "A retelling of 'Ricky of the Tuft,' with a greater focus on what a curse of stupidity might have done to the princess's family, and an attempt to make the ending seem more something the characters earn and less a predestined result of the fairy godmother's meddling."

I'll be honest, I'd never even heard of Ricky of the Tuft before reading this story, and I think that made it even more enjoyable to read, because I had no idea what to expect. Based on this fic, it's a very interesting fairy tale, one which explores the value of beauty and intelligence and family. I love both Ricky and Grace and I really enjoyed their (very fairy-tale-esque) romance, but what I love most about this story was the way the author fleshed out the characters more than most fairy tales bother to do, giving them motivation and feelings and complexity.

If you like fairy tales in general and/or Ricky-of-the-Tuft specifically, this is the story for you!

Title: A Disney Prince Consort by Mithrigil
Fandom: Tangled
Pairing: Flynn Rider/Rapunzel (but basically gen)
Categories: fluff, humor, family, post-canon, tiny bit of kid!fic
Length: ~1,300 words
Warnings: n/a

From the author: "In which Eugene Fitzherbert deftly and graciously contends with such highfaluting concepts as cognatic primogeniture, morganatic marriage, inter-state relations, and a spunky brunette wife who somehow knows how to manage everything including him."

I once enjoyed a very long e-mail exchange with lothy about all of those bits of royalty trivia that people who live in countries without royalty just don't understand. This story reminds me about this e-mail in all the best ways. Eugene's voice is spot-on and hysterical when he's panicking, Rapunzel kicks ass even when she is panicking, and Max never panics, but Rapunzel might have a point about the head of the navy being a horse.

Fun, fluffy, and wonderfully lighthearted, this is the perfect tidbit to brighten those winter blues.

A Disney Prince Consort
Title: What Partners Do by cheride
Fandom: White Collar
Pairing: gen
Categories: drama
Length: 10,700 words
Warnings: n/a

Set in season one, Neal slips his anklet. Peter, despite his better judgment, decides to go after him on his own. Some much-needed communication ensues.

This isn't my usual cup of White Collar tea. Elizabeth doesn't make an appearance, for one, and there isn't even a hint of UST. What this fic does offer, however, is Peter and Neal having some long talks about honesty and trust that I always wished had happened on the show but never did. As a bonus, Neal confronts the Kate issue! (I should note that some parts of this story might be considered out of character based on later events, but for S1 it is definitely in character.)

It's hard to say who would enjoy this fic the most. If you like well-written fics with trust issues (realistic ones, not the overly contrived nonsense from the current season) and/or just like it when two characters actually talk to each other, this is a good fic for you.

What Partners Do
Title: Clint Eastwood's Best Move and Sign Language for Cop by OnYourMark
Fandom: White Collar
Pairing: gen
Categories: fluff, humor, hurt/comfort, favorite
Length: 14,000 words (combined)
Warnings: n/a

Neal decides he wants to learn to fight and Peter decides to help him. The ladies (and a few of the guys) at the FBI are very grateful. Later (i.e., in the sequel), Neal goes for more official training at Quantico and proceeds to be an idiot. Hurt/comfort ensues.

My first gen recs on the comm! And what a sweet, snarky, cute couple of gen fics they are. The characterization is particularly good: Neal and Peter have some great banter, Elizabeth and Jones are brilliant, and Mozzie and June have very entertaining cameos. Mix in some drooling (and can you blame them?) FBI ladies in New York and a whole gaggle of star-struck fledgling Fibbies at Quantico and you have a fun, enjoyable, light read, perfect for any time you need a smile.

Clint Eastwood's Best Move
Sign Language for Cop


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