Title: A Meeting of Equals
Fandom: The Sentinel
Pairing: Jim/Blair
Categories: canon divergence, angst, epistolary, favorite
Length: ~30,000 words
Warnings: Some of the formatting isn't quite right, which can make some of the e-mails hard to read.

After a nasty fight with Jim, Blair decides that it's time to learn how to stand on his own two feet.

I'm a total sucker for Blair Runs Away From Home fics, and this one is quite possibly my favorite of the entire genre. I love the fact that Blair isn't just running away to punish Jim, I love the fact that Blair and Jim correspond throughout the story, and I love the fact that the entire story is more about Blair growing as a person than it is about potential romance between Jim and Blair (though that's there, too). If you're a fan of epistolary fics or just are in the mood to follow along as two characters work out their issues over a long distance, you should find this a very satisfying read.

A Meeting of Equals

From: [personal profile] unbelievable2again

I've finally got round to DW so I can comment on this. I saw this rec on the TS newsletter. It is a truly wonderful story, with very adult characters and a very plausible scenario. The growing self-awareness of both, and their move away from the selfish world-view is magnificently yet subtley achieved and the story manages to be both hilarious and heart-breaking by turns. I couldn't stop reading it once I'd started, and will certainly re-read. Thank you so much for the rec!


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