Title: The Dresden Omens by shiplizard
Fandom: Good Omens/Dresden Files
Pairing: Harry/Marcone pre-slash
Categories: humor, hurt/comfort, crossover
Length: 17,900 words
Warnings: one random and rather frustrating POV shift

Apparently Harry Dresden has been designated Heaven's new champion and Hell has sent their most experienced Earth-bound demon to take care of him. Sucks to be Crowley.

Poor, poor Crowley. Seriously, I've rarely seen a character take as much of a beating in a funny fic as Crowley does in his quest to take down Harry Dresden. From the disastrous attempts to create havoc via Molly and Thomas to the epic direct attack on Harry himself, Crowley finds himself in a world of hurt and I spent much of this fic wanting to give him a hug. While laughing the whole time, because shiplizard does a brilliant job of juggling humor and hurt in this fic. A surprisingly plausible and very engaging crossover.

The Dresden Omens


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