Title: Proverbial Trees by unadrift
Fandom: Haven
Pairing: Audrey/Nathan/Duke
Categories: angst, drama
Length: ~10,000 words
Warnings: set early Season 2, so inherently AU

Partially due to a few troubling incidents, Nathan, Audrey, and Duke get it on. And then Nathan freaks. Because he's Nathan.

I'm always a fan of the path to true love being rocky and full of potholes, and there's no bigger pothole than Nathan finding himself caught up in a (rather successful, actually) threesome. If you're a fan of denial stories and/or someone being dense (but ultimately finding a happy ending), give this one a shot.

Proverbial Trees
Title: The Substance of Things Hoped For by vega rin
Fandom: Haven
Pairing: gen
Categories: angst, hurt/comfort
Length: 7,500 words
Warnings: n/a

While chasing a Troubled serial killer, Nathan and Audrey end up stranded in the middle of the snowy woods on a very, very cold night.

There isn't much Haven fic out there, and the majority of what I have found has been very middling. Not so this fic, which is beautifully written, has tone-perfect Audrey and Nathan voices, and manages to incorporate an unusual and quite intriguing Trouble. There's also a stab at creating a mythology for the show's central mystery (namely: who, what, and why is Audrey Parker) that gives readers something to think about.

If you've found yourself stuck in the mire of mediocre Haven fic, give this fic a try. It's definitely the best of the fics I've read so far in the fandom.

The Substance of Things Hoped For


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