Title: The Fast and the NBTs series by Jedi Buttercup
Fandom: The Fast and the Furious/Transformers (Bay 'verse)
Pairing: Brian/Dom
Categories: crossover, drama
Length: 22,000 words (so far)
Warnings: n/a

For reasons that don't really matter (and which, to be honest, I didn't really understand), Brian was in Mission City when Sam released that pulse of Allspark. Which means that, given enough time and motivation, he can fulfill the ultimate dream of car geeks everywhere: he can create his own Transformers.

A few notes up front: first, this series is apparently still in progress, though each story stands on its own. Second, unfortunately every story in the series thus far has had a bizarrely rushed and abrupt ending. Third, there's a lot of references to the movies of both franchises and if you haven't seen the movies (or if, like me, they went right out of your mind the moment you left the theater) you might be a bit confused.

Normally I wouldn't rec a fic with this many caveats, but this is one of those rare cases where the premise is good enough to carry a story (or a series of stories) despite the fics' flaws. Brian's transforming talent is positively inspired and the Transformer OCs he creates are both adorable and wonderfully unique personalities. Honestly, I'm reccing the story for them, because they're likable enough that even with the rushed endings and the random movie exposition, I wanted more stories so I could see more of the various Transformers Brian has created. Mix in solid characterizations for Mia and Dom, some cute Rome family connections, and cameos from nearly every other Fast and Furious secondary character and you have a fun, light, entertaining set of stories.

The Fast and the NBTs series


Recs by Jane Elliot


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